How to create great quality content

Creating great content in a studio.

Good quality content can help establish your brands authority and expertise in your section of the market. Creating great quality content is one of those activities that we identified as being important in SEO.

The easiest way to create great quality content is to teach other people something you know. This can be either entertaining, informational or educational.

Let’s look at the different types of content that you can create for your business.

Blogs or articles

This content piece that you are now reading is a blog. It will first be published on our website and then on LinkedIn and other social media platforms online.

The purpose of it is to educate you on how to create great quality content for your website or social media accounts.

A blog is usually a longer form content (usually around 800 or more words) and could be educational or informational.

It helps to establish some of your expertise among those that are interested in the subjects that you know something about.

For me, writing blogs come naturally, especially if I write about marketing or business. For others it might be more difficult, which could mean you should focus on other types of content.

A blog can have subscribers, who receive a notification or an email that there is a new blog posted in a topic they are interested in.

People can also find new blog posts or articles by doing a google search, through finding it on social media or by stumbling upon it in places like Google Discover.


Video can be shortform video, like you would find or TikTok or Instagram, or longer form video which you would typically find on YouTube.

Video has fast become the prefered method for many people in which to consume content, which explains why YouTube is the second biggest search engine and TikTok the fastest-growing social media platform.

Video is a type of content that contains audio and visual elements. It can be anything from you talking in front of the camera to a movie or animation.

Make sure that your personality comes through in your videos and that you make your videos unique and valuable to your target audience, then they will spend more time watching you and maybe share your channel with their friends.


Podcasts are a form of audio-only content that can usually be downloaded and then listened to while traveling or exercising.

It can be entertaining, informative or educational.

The amount of podcasts that are available and listened to is growing very fast.

Anyone can start their own podcast and it is also great for SEO. Consider interviewing interesting people in your field that your target market will be interested in.

Visual elements

Without visual elements like pictures, designs or infographics websites would be boring and look really bland.

Images and designs that are placed at the right place in a page or a social media post really makes it more interesting and stand out more.

Just imagine a website without any images or TikTok’s that only contain text. Hard to imagine?

An image can speak a thousand words and an infographic can make a foreign concept look really simple and interesting.

How can you start creating content?


Commit to creating a certain amount of some content piece per month for a certain time period like 2 years. Your first content piece won’t be good, in fact, it will probably such.

But what if you create 1 video per week for 2 years? Your 100th video will be much better than your first one, and by that time you would know what people like and what they don’t like.

So don’t give up after the first blog that you write or your first design. Keep going at it and you will become good at it.

Learn from others

Like anything else in life we need to look at what experts are doing and try to learn from them. However, be careful not to copy others and still be your own true self.

Look at what other businesses in your field are doing on YouTube, try to improve on what they are doing and give it a shot. Keep learning until you are really good at it.

Also look beyond your own industry. If you want to start a blog, look at some of the best blogs out there from outside your frame of reference. What are they doing that you can implement in your own business?

Have a plan

This could just be a few ideas of what you could be creating over the next few days. It could also be a plan for the next 90 days. Its up to you.

I just have a little Google Sheet that lists a few content ideas. Every time I get a new idea I put it on the spreadsheet and attach a date to it, usually the next content creation day. For me this is every weekday.

Think about what you have learned that has been really helpful on your journey and teach that to others, or look at what is trending and create something for your audience around that.

Just have a plan and create based on it. The plan can change but try to be consistent on when you post, your audience will come to expect it and keep an eye out for your content.

That’s it. The most important lesson here is to start. Put it out there and get feedback from your audience. Use this feedback to create more content on what people love.


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