How to start a blog in South Africa within 1 hour

A person blogging from home to represent how to start a blog in South Africa.

There are many advantages to starting your own blog in South Africa. You might just want to start a blog to share your experiences or knowledge.

Or you might want to make money from your blog. Either way, in this post we will explain how to start a blog in South Africa.

Some of the ways are free. Or you can pay a small fee to get better service from a blog hosting company.

1. Get a website hosting company

A web hosting company will allow you to build your blog on any platform of your choice. We recommend that you host with PriorityOne and use WordPress.

This will cost you a mere R30 per month for the hosting and around R100 for the domain. The advantage is that you would fully own your blog and can do anything with it that you want.

Go to and create an account.

On Die Nes click on Register.

After creating your account you will have to search for your domain. You can look for your own name and get a or you can use the name of your blog.

Search for your domain name and add it to your cart. You will have to add hosting if you want your blog to work.

Go to hosting and add the R30 per month package to your cart. This is more than enough for your blog to start out with and can be upgraded at any time.

R30 per month hosting for your blog in South Africa.

Now you will need to check out and pay. Make sure you click on subscribe on the invoice so that the money comes off every month and your blog keeps running.

Now you will need to install WordPress. Go to Services> My Services > and on the left click on Log Into CPanel.

Go to Log into Cpanel to install WordPress.

Then, click on WP Toolkit.

Click on WP Toolkit.

Then, click on Install.

Click on Install.

Now you will need to choose the domain you want to install it on. Choose your basic domain with nothing behind it.

You can choose which extras you would like to install for free.

2. How to start a blog in South Africa

Now, you basically have a blog. You can design your home page any way you like it. Let us show you how to do it and which settings to change.

To log in to WordPress you need to go to [yourdomain]/wp-admin. Log in using the username and password you chose when you set it up. It will look like this:

The WordPress login screen. Part of how to start a blog in South Africa.

Once you have logged in you will be on the backend of your blog in South Africa. Here you will be able to change your settings, post blogs, edit your pages and manage comments.

Let’s first look at a few settings that you will need to change to make your blog functional. Go to settings and then General.

Changing settings in WordPress. Part of how to start a blog in South Africa.

Here you will be able to set your website name, and tagline, set your administrator email, set if people can register and what role they will play.

If you don’t know what the setting means, just leave it as it is. Under ‘Writing’ settings there is nothing that needs to be changed.

However, under ‘Reading’ you will need to change a few settings. We prefer to show as many posts as possible to make the blogs easier to find.

Is is better not to discourage search engines to index the page. This will make it easier to find for potential readers.

Here are the settings that we use under ‘Discussion’ on a blog in South Africa. It is what we have found most helpful.

The discussion settings for a blog in South Africa built on WordPress.

The ‘Permalink’ settings are crucial. It is also important that these are set before you post any blogs and definitely don’t change it once your blog has been around for a while.

Now that you have edited all the settings, you can start writing a blog post.

3. Get to know your customer

If you want to know how to start a blog in South Africa you first need to know who you will be writing for. Think about your customer.

Who is your customer? Is it a person or a business? What kind of information is your potential customer searching for online?

Can you write something that will add value to your customer? Only once you know the answers to these questions can you start with blogging.

4. Writing a post on WordPress

Writing and publishing a blog post on WordPress is as easy as posting on Facebook or any other social media platform. This is a critical step in how to start a blog in South Africa.

Go to your WordPress dashboard like we explained in Step 2. Hover your indicator over posts and click on ‘add new’.

Add a post, step 4 of starting a blog in South Africa.

Once you add a new post you can start typing. Remember to add a title, headings, images and links to help your audience understand you blog better.

There you have it, that is how to start a blog in South Africa.

Some other tips that you need to keep in mind:

Comment below with a link to the blog you started so that our community can see it.


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