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In the modern world, the go-to source of information, of any kind is search engines, the most popular of which is Google. Google is used for everything from finding information to finding products or services people need. That is why for any modern business to succeed and be found by clients it is important that they use professional SEO services.

Despite its importance, only a few people are aware of what SEO is or what these services entail. That is why we decided to write this blog to look closely at SEO and what business owners should expect from professional SEO services.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the process of optimising a website and creating content to help the website rank higher in search results. This helps to increase the organic traffic, natural traffic/unpaid traffic, to the website. This increases leads for the business helping to increase sales and revenue. Ultimately SEO is one of the most powerful forms of marketing in the modern digital world. It is important to note that SEO takes time to start working but once it does it retains traffic numbers, unlike many other forms of digital marketing.

What professional SEO services entail

Each professional SEO agency will have its own methods and different packages for its services. There are elements that are common for most professional SEO services. These elements are as follows: 

  • Understanding client’s business: Firstly and most importantly, SEO professionals must gain an understanding of their client’s business. This includes knowing what products and services they offer, their client base, competitors, and the goals of their clients. This is a crucial first step as it will influence every other aspect of the SEO strategy for the business.
  • Keyword research: The driving force behind SEO is search keywords/keyphrases, these are the terms users type into Google to find what they are looking for. That is why it is important for SEO professionals to understand their client’s business, so they can conduct thorough keyword research, to find the right keywords for your business website.
  • On-Page SEO Optimisation: Another important part of professional SEO services is the On-Page SEO optimisation of the website. This refers to factors like meta tags, headings, alt text for images and more on the backend of websites that make the pages more appealing to Google’s search engine.
  • Speed Optimisation: Another important aspect that affects the search engine ranking of a website is the website speed. That is why it is important that SEO services include speed optimisation. This involves the use of various tools to decrease the amount of time it takes for webpages to load on the website. After all, no one likes waiting for a slow website to load during their busy day.
  • Content management: The next aspect of SEO services is content management. Content refers to blogs or other forms of information posted to the website of clients. Professional SEO services will, depending on the client’s preferences, help to plan, create, edit, and publish content that targets relevant SEO keywords to their client’s website. Regularly publishing content helps to improve the search rankings of a website.
  • Reporting: One of the great things about SEO is that you can see measurable results. That is why it is important to create reports as part of SEO services to see how your website is performing and track any changes. This allows SEO professionals to see how effective their strategies are and adapt them as needed.

What to expect from our professional SEO services

At Orcanically we understand the importance of every aspect of professional SEO services listed above. That is why our process with clients is designed to ensure our clients receive the full suite of SEO services by following the below steps:

  • Client onboarding: We begin by conducting an onboarding meeting with the client. In this meeting, we learn everything we can about our clients and their businesses. This allows us to better understand our clients so that we can develop an SEO strategy that will work for them.
  • Setup and optimisation: Our next step, depending on the client’s package, is to do an initial setup and optimisation of their website. This involves gaining access to the backend of the website, a site audit to find areas where it can be improved, and applying technical fixes like speed optimisation where possible. This step allows us to get the website set up for the best results.
  • Content strategy: The next step in our professional SEO services is our content management strategy. This involves thorough keyword research to find content ideas that will work on our client’s website. We will then send these ideas to our clients for them to decide which they would like to use. We will then create, and edit the content before sending it to our clients for review and final approval. Once approved we will publish the content to our client’s website ensuring that it is fully optimised for SEO purposes.
  • Reporting: Each month we send our clients detailed reports on how their website is performing. This allows us to track the progress of our SEO efforts and keep our clients informed. This report includes metrics like total clicks to the website, traffic value, keyword rankings and more. Ensuring our clients are fully informed regarding the performance of their website.

It is important to note that Orcanically offers a variety of SEO packages, which means not all of these services are included in every package. This allows our clients to find professional SEO services to suit their needs and budget.


As you can see there is a great deal of work and technical expertise required for SEO services which is why it is best left to professionals. We hope this blog has helped you better understand what to expect from professional SEO services and what to look for when hiring SEO service providers. If you want SEO services to boost traffic to your business website contact Orcanically today, for professional SEO services you can trust. Go to our SEO Agency page to find out more about how we can help your business with SEO.


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