The Top SEO Agencies in South Africa

SEO Agencies in South Africa.

There are so many SEO Agencies in South Africa that you can use to help get you on top of Google search results. This leads to more traffic on your website and more sales. Makes sense to do SEO right?

But how do you choose the right SEO company in South Africa to help your business with SEO? You look at where they rank for the most important keywords.

So just go onto Google and type in “SEO Company” or “SEO Agency” and see which results you get. To make it easy, we did the research for you, and this is our opinion of the top SEO Agencies.

#1 Orcanically

Orcanically is a relatively new SEO agency. It was started in May 2022 by Marko van der Merwe and they have gotten some great results so far.

Since Orcanically is such a new digital marketing agency, they don’t have that many #1 keyword rankings yet, however it is coming.

With the amount of blogs they are creating on their website and the amount of time they spend on improving their website, they will be #1 on Google in no time.

Orcanically has some great pricing for businesses in South Africa, which includes a lot of content creation. And the more content you can post on your website consistently, the better.

#2 Brand Seed SEO

Brand Seed SEO currently ranks number 1 on Google for the most important SEO Agency-related keywords. This means that they are currently doing the best job of SEO on their own website.

They also have some really big clients and good testimonials, which means they have gotten some results for their clients.

This agency also focusses on SEO and SEO related services, such as PPC, Website Design and Content Creation.

They are one of the best SEO companies in Cape Town.

#3 TopClick

TopClick is an agency in South Africa that has a range of services. From SEO and PPC to Graphic Design and Digital Marketing.

They are also a Google Premier Partner, which means they do have a strong focus on Google Ads. However, they get a lot of organic traffic from Google for relevant search terms relating to SEO.

If you are looking to get SEO for your website, difinitely have a look at TopClick.

#4 Rogerwilco

Rogerwilco is a bigger digital marketing agency in South Africa with an office in London. They have been around for a while and does everything digital marketing.

One thing that seems very important on their website is that their a Digital CX Agency. This simply means they put a lot of focus on user journeys and that it’s consistent across platforms.

Very interesting on SEO: Their oldest SEO client has been with the company for 11 years, which just shows the kind of returns they get for their clients.

Rogerwilco has a very good blog on their website that also talks about SEO. Be sure to give it a read. They are one of the top SEO agencies in South Africa.


There are a lot of SEO agencies in South Africa that you can choose from for your business. However, in this post we looked at the top agencies that we would recommend.

If there is more that we can add to this blog, please comment below.


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