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Our SEO Packages


Starter / Local
R 2000 Monthly
  • 1 Blog
  • Techinical Fixes
  • 1-2 Keywords
  • Quarterly Strategy Meeting
  • Daily Backups
  • Reporting
  • Expect Sales from 8-12 Months


Growth / National
R 5000 Monthly
  • 4 Blogs
  • Techinical Fixes
  • 3-10 Keywords
  • Monthly Strategy Meeting
  • Daily Backups
  • Reporting
  • Expect Sales from 6-8 Months


Guaranteed Results
R 10000 Monthly
  • Guaranteed amount of leads
  • Techinical Fixes
  • 1 Main Keyword
  • 3-10 Supporting Keywords
  • Monthly Strategy Meeting
  • Daily Backups
  • Reporting
  • R10 000 Setup. Only Start Paying Monthly Once it Works
  • Expect Sales from Month 2

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process in digital marketing using proven strategies to improve the visibility of a website on search engines like Google. This improvement in the ranking of your website helps potential customers searching for your products or services find your website. This increases the amount of meaningful organic traffic to your website, helping to generate lucrative leads (and customers) for your business.

Our SEO Services

There are many aspects that affect the ranking of a website in search engines. That is why at Orcanically we provide comprehensive SEO services for you. These services include the following:

  • Keyword research: Keywords or keyphrases are the driving force behind SEO. These are the terms users type into search engines when searching for our client’s products or services. We conduct thorough keyword research to find the best keywords for our client’s websites to help customers find them.

  • Content Management: Part of our SEO services includes content management. This involves creating, editing and publishing content on our client’s website. Consistent new content on a website helps to improve its ranking, while also providing users with useful information, and building the reputation of the website as an authority in the industry.

  • On-Site SEO: There are a number of On-Site factors that affect a website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). These include technical factors like website speed and meta tags, as well as appropriate SEO keywords on the web pages.

  • Website Design: As there are many on-site factors that affect SEO we offer website design as part of our SEO services. This allows us to build our client’s website from the ground up fully optimised for SEO purposes.

While we offer a comprehensive range of SEO services, not all of you want all of these services from us. That is why our SEO services are offered in a variety of different customisable packages, allowing you to choose which services you need most.

The benefits of SEO

There are many benefits of SEO, especially in the modern digital age. These benefits include the following:

  • Boosts organic traffic: The primary benefit of SEO is that it increases the traffic to our client’s website. This is also organic meaningful traffic, as it is users that are actively searching for the products or services offered by our clients.
  • Website usability: Website usability is an important aspect of on-site SEO services, as search engines favour sites with good usability. This has additional benefits as it improves the user experience on our client’s website, creating a positive association with our client’s business.
  • Improves reputation: Ranking higher on SERPs not only increases traffic but also improves the reputation and credibility of the business. This is because users associate a high ranking with professional standards.
  • Quantifiable results: Another benefit of SEO services is that you can track their effectiveness through traffic numbers and the detailed reports about website performance we provide on a monthly basis.
  • Long-term results: Unlike other forms of digital marketing like paid advertising, SEO services tend to provide long-lasting results. This is because once done correctly our client’s website will continue to rank highly on SERPs without further input.

About Orcanically

Orcanically is an SEO agency in South Africa. This diverse country has allowed us to become highly adaptable in our marketing strategies, as we adapt to each of your unique needs. Our founder Marko van der Merwe has years of experience in digital marketing and SEO, which he uses to manage every aspect of our marketing strategies. Ensuring our work helps our clients succeed and thrive in their industry.

What sets us apart

At Orcanically we are committed to helping you succeed and pride ourselves on working to the best of our abilities to do this. This ethos is applied in all of the work we do for you, as we consider your success as our success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are SEO services?

SEO services is a broad term for work done to improve the ranking of a website in search engine results. This is done to improve the organic traffic to a website as most users click on search results close to the top. These services include keyword research, content management, site optimisation, and more, all of which can improve traffic to the website.

How much does SEO cost in South Africa?

The prices of SEO in South Africa can vary depending on the amount of work your website requires and the agency you work with. Fortunately, at Orcanically we offer customisable SEO packages starting at R2000 per month. Allowing your business to benefit from SEO services, without breaking your budget.

What are 3 types of SEO services?

Broadly speaking there are 3 types of SEO services these are as follows:

  • On-Page SEO: This refers to optimisations made on your website to improve your ranking in search results. This includes content creation, keyword implementation on the site and much more.
  • Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO refers to methods implemented outside of your website to improve search rankings. This primarily consists of building backlinks, which is increasing the number of links from other websites to your website. However, it can also include aspects like social media marketing which supports SEO efforts.
  • Technical SEO: This refers to non-content related technical factors on your website that can affect your website’s search result rankings. These factors include things like website load time, making sites mobile-friendly, ensuring the website is secure and much more.

What do SEO providers do?

SEO providers like Orcanically utilise a wide variety of SEO strategies to improve your website rankings in the search results of search engines like Google or Bing. By doing so, we increase the amount of organic traffic to your website, generating relevant quality leads (and new customers) for you.

What are keywords for SEO?

In SEO keywords refer to the specific words or terms that your potential customers type into Google (or other search engines) to find your products or services. These keywords are used on relevant pages of your website to help you rank better in search results, making your more visible to your potential customers.